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  Safety & Protective Equipment  

STS has been supplying personal protective equipment ever since its establishment in 1991. Years of experience within the industry showed a lack of quality safety equipment in the Middle East. In conjunction with specialist manufacturers STS established its own brand having a more stringent standard providing the protection required for local harsher climatic conditions. Our CHALLENGER products have been widely accepted in the region and are available at economical rates.
CHALLENGER products cover:

Boiler Suits (Overalls)
Pants & Jackets
Executive Safety Shoes
Safety Shoes
Angle Boots
Rigger boots
  Safety Products  

As one of its core business STS supplies a large range of products related to safety and environment. STS selects its suppliers from a number of manufacturers and provides these to its clientele at economical rates. In house technicians maintain, repair and calibrate most of the supplied products.
Our range of supplies cover:

Personal Protective Equipment
Gas detectors
Breathing apparatus
Fall protection equipment
Measurement system for waste waster industries
Other safety related equipment

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