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Leak Management & Leak Detection Environmental Services
  Leak Management & Leak Detection  

Utility authorities undergo significant changes and improving customer services remains a high priority. STS works closely with the authorities, consultant and contractors to provide a comprehensive service for efficient leak management.

Such areas are:

Collection of existing utility network distribution maps, including additional information about armatures, pipeline material, dimensions and age

Preparation of digital network maps, including network zoning, armatures- and network databases as well as workflow diagrams for leak detection in the water distribution network

Physical network leakage analysis with "Water Loss Analysis Vans" and pinpointing of leaks by "correlation- and sounding methods" and CCTV surveys

Repeated measurement of rehabilitated areas to prove the successful of repair

Yearly inspection of distribution network zones, either using the inspection vans or through built in "bulk-meters with data-loggers" recording the water input to network zones
Incorporation of new utility network distribution extensions to the existing pipeline maps
Implementation of a GIS application to use retrieved information
Water balance monitoring and management
Staff Training
  Leak Detection Service  

Leaking pressure pipes are of great concern for the owners as it leads to loss of valuable resources and environmental damages. Particularly water supply systems often show severe water losses within primary and secondary networks. It is therefore vital to investigate on the most efficient usage of water. Reduction of water losses contributes to the target of reducing specific operational cost as a higher percentage of the water produced will reach the consumers and will generate higher revenues for clients.
Accurately pinpointing leakages is a highly skilled task and requires experienced and skilled personnel. STS operates several LNC (Leak Noice Correlation) units with qualified and well trained operators to identify problem sectors and find leaking pipes. STS provides:

LNC surveys
Hydrophone & ground microphone surveys
Installation and monitoring of data loggers for pressure & flow
Step Testing surveys
Night consumption surveys
GIS surveys for asset and leak positioning

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