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  CCTV Inspection  

STS has long been a leading company in providing CCTV inspection within the Middle East. Applying latest technologies, innovative products, incorporating highest standards has given STS the reputation it presently holds.

STS CCTV camera systems for horizontal, long distance and small bore line with high-resolution, pan and tilt, zoom colour cameras allows us to cover a wide range of applications. Our
CCTV systems consist of camera systems from 1.5" (35mm) upwards, portable and build in units, with cable drums that can cover single sections from 30m up to 6,000 meters.


Our CCTV surveys and reporting are conducted in line with the British WRC, American NASSCO and German ATV 143M standards. The camera crawler units have on-board sensors to measure the actual line gradient of the entire line. STS has completed a number of projects in pipeline inspection using state of the art CCTV equipment. Pipes and


pipelines from 1.5" up to 90" diameter have been surveyed by umbilical cord covering distances up to 10,000 meters. High resolution digital camera units provide clear insight to the condition of the surveyed area. Our fully remote controlled units have been successfully applied in following areas:

Sewer network condition survey & assessment
New sewer line baseline installation survey
Condition survey after rehabilitation of utility lines
Water line & network condition survey
Cooling water intakes
Refinery piping
Boiler cooling piping
Manhole condition surveys
GPS & Line routing surveys

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