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  Network Mapping & GIS  

The idea of mapping dates back to the 12th century BC where M.V. Agrippa established the famous Roman Map “Orbis Terrarum (Survey of the world)”. Since then mapping of any geographical or network information has become an integral part of our lives. The mapping of networks and underground piping was only recently added to become a part of mapping & GIS information
Client as build data is often misplaced or disjointed in various libraries and many times not updated not reflecting the actual “as is” situation. STS can update your libraries and conduct field surveys to bring the information in line with the actual condition.
Such surveys can include:

Digitizing of existing maps
Topographical survey
Line & network routing surveys

Dimensional survey of access points, valve chambers and other fixed points

Updating of maps
External surveys related to asset integrity information

Latest developments to obtain better understanding of the relation of any network and piping to the other available geophysical data have lead to the implementation of GIS. Developing GIS with a clear strategy can positively improve the interpretation of the network and its functionality.
STS has understood this requirement and implemented a comprehensive model inclusive reporting for a pilot project within the UAE as one of the first companies. Services provided are:

Line & network routing surveys
Object placement surveys
Digitizing of collected data

Digitizing of information in relation to available plot boundaries

Programming of software application interfaces

Implementation & programming of complex data structure for intranet solutions.



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